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June 26, 2018

Oil & Gas industry demands high speed, durability and toughness, SF Diamond PDC cutters/inserts will achieve all this in the downhole application.


SFD PDC cutters/inserts deliver high impact resistance and abrasion resistance. This ensures to achieve very high Rates of Penetration (ROP) with longer tool life, deeper drilling depth and fewer drill bit changes, all this together will dramatically help to save time/cost and improve the productivity.


SF Diamond (SFD) is an industry veteran for over 20 years and a leader in development and manufacturing of high quality and cost saving polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters for the Oil & Gas industry. SFD is currently the largest PDC cutter/insert manufacturer in China. A well experienced team and a comprehensive set of manufacturing instruments ensure the production and on time delivery of PDC cutters/inserts for customers in a variety of applications. SFD offers not only high-performance products with outstanding quality but also superior customer service. SFD delivers superior drilling components of drill bits as well as downhole tools. We are proud that our products have been sold and used in over forty countries/territories.