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Metal machining and processing

June 27, 2018

Quality in consistent, wear in uniform, thermal stability in excellent. SF Diamond provides a wide range of PCD cutting tool blanks and cut pieces (tips) for precision tools for cutting, turning, milling, drilling and grinding purposes in automobile and aerospace industries. Our strong R&D team keeps us offering solutions across the range of metalworking tools. Both solid PCD and PCD backed with carbide in different grain sizes are available.

For metal machining and processing, SF Diamond has also PCBN products for tools used to cut and machine hard ferrous metal items such as high speed steel, bearing steel, cast iron, etc. Our PCBN products, both solid PCBN (BN series) and PCBN backed with carbide (CB series) are widely to machine brake discs, engineer blocks, engine cylinder liners, brake drums, flywheels, valve seats and guide, gears, mold and die parts, etc.