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June 26, 2018

SFD offers polycrystalline diamond (PCD) for use on large cutting or percussive/impact surfaces that can be mounted on drill heads and picks to increase penetration rates and offer longevity of performance life.


SFD PDC cutters can be used for anchor shank drill bits, enhanced anchor shank, core bits, non-core bits. We can supply different cutters which can be suitable for soft, soft-medium, medium hard, hard and tough formations. The mining of hard formation typically requires the drilling of both exploratory and blasting holes, SFD can offer cutters/inserts to mount into drill tools or the finished drill tools, this diamond-enhanced hard rock inserts represent an integration of advanced material design and product engineering to produce a cost effective solution for performance-focused drilling.


PDC picks for miner can be used in mining machines, heading machines, continuous miners and equipped for many types of header machines. PDC picks’ life time will be 10 times than conventional tungsten carbide pick. SFD picks offer high impact and wear resistance as well as outstanding fracture toughness characteristics for milling asphalt and concrete roads to various depths.