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Besides a new sintering technology with cubic presses and full set of processing technique, which is different from that of belt presses abroad, our R&D center has obtained many achievements, such as various raw materials formulas subject to applications, design aspects of high press chamber, technological data of best sintering, etc. And we also have researched and developed by ourselves or combining with other companies, many equipments which are used for processing composite materials, establishing a full set of high-efficiency, economical, and reliable production line.


The R&D center has developed many production and test technologies that have been approved to be originality in China and even in the world:

1. "Research and development of high quality PCD wire die blanks" was identified by Henan Technology Bureau to reach the international level.

2. "Research and development of super larger PCD cutting tool blanks" was identified by Henan Technology Bureau to reach the international level.

3. "PDC cutters for oil drilling and mining bits" was awarded with certificate of high & new technology.

4. Our R&D center was authorized for a project of "National High-tech Development Project Plan and National Capital Subsidy Plan" by National Development & Reform Commission and was supported with a capital of RMB15 million. And the projects have passed the inspection of National Development & Reform Commission. Nowadays, SF Diamond has a production capability of more than 100,000 pieces of PCD products in various series and specifications basing on cubic presses and our own R&D intellectual properties.

5. Many R&D projects supported by provincial government have reached the targets and have been accepted by them, which not only promote the development of super hard material industry in China, but also meet customers' needs with better materials and services.  

6. As a trained research and development team, we also have paid more attention to our innovative achievements and tried our best to protect them. In the past three years, our R&D center has obtained 19 patents and three of them are patented inventions. And now we are devoting ourselves to an increasing of annual 2 patents.

7. Being a member of super hard materials industry, SF Diamond have attached herself to formulating three industry standard to make super hard industry have a unified standard and some of them belong to our company standards.

---Participated in the amendment and audition of industry standards in 2010:

"Super hard materials product--polycrystalline diamond used for wire die blanks"

"Super hard materials product--polycrystalline diamond used for drilling"

----Participated in the amendment of industry standards in 2011:

"Super hard materials product—abrasion rate test method of polycrystalline diamond"