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Good news! Mr. Haijiang Fang, director of SF Diamond, was elected as "local leading talent"

December 01, 2020
Recently, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security issued the "Zhengzhou high-level talent classification and identification criteria and the list of candidates". Mr. Haijiang Fang, director of SF Diamond, was awarded the certificate of Zhengzhou high-level talents issued by Zhengzhou Municipal People's government, and was recognized as "local level leading talent".
The introduction and cultivation of high-level talents is an important strategic measure for Zhengzhou to transform the mode of economic development and promote the high-quality development of economy and society. As the leader of sifangda, chairman Haijiang Fang has always been adhering to the scientific and realistic attitude, devoting himself to the field of superhard materials and striving for exploration. He has presided over and completed nearly ten scientific research projects at all levels, including the state, province and city, and has made outstanding contributions to the development of superhard materials industry in China. Under the leadership of chairman Fang, the company's scientific research strength has been growing, independent innovation achievements have been remarkable, and gratifying achievements have been made in practice.
The award of this honor is not only a commendation for the outstanding contribution of the chairman of the other party, but also an affirmation of the achievements made by sifida. The company will take this as an opportunity to further create a good environment for the growth and development of high-level talents, strengthen the construction of professional and technical talents and skilled talents, and provide strong guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and reform and development.
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