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Taking My Own Initiative To Improve/SFD 2020 Quality Month Activities Ended Successfully

November 17, 2020
In order to comprehensively improve the quality awareness of employees, strengthen the thinking and ability of employees to solve problems by themselves, and truly implement the quality objectives, SF Diamond has launched the 2020 quality month activity with the theme of "Taking My Initiative To Improve" since September. Compared with previous years, this year's quality month activities are more comprehensive and diversified. It has carried out quality management skills and product knowledge training, competition of key process skills, quality inspection of all staff, competition of quality knowledge for all staff. Employees actively participate in the activities, and many excellent innovation and improvement proposals are provided, and a large number of quality advanced individuals and excellent groups are grown up.
At the end of October, SFD held the summary and commendation meeting of 2020 Quality Month, reviewed the process of this Quality Month Activities, and commended the advanced individuals and excellent groups in the activities. Quality Director Tianguo Li stressed at the meeting that the improvement of enterprise quality requires the participation of all staff. The core of quality improvement is to improve people's awareness, cognition, ability and habits. Quality improvement is never-ending, we are always on the way. Finally, Mr. Haijiang Fang, director of the board of directors, delivered a speech. Mr. Fang first highly affirmed the development and achievements of this quality month activity. At the same time, he also pointed out that there is still a certain gap between SFD and the international first-class competitors. The quality month activity is only a form, a kick-off meeting, not an end. We need to constantly refine, and consolidate the problems based on quality management, continuously improve the quality of products and create a world-class brand in the field of superhard materials.
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