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SFD Carried Out 2020 Fire Emergency Drill

December 01, 2020
In order to improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, strengthen their fire prevention skills and fire fighting skills, SFD organized all employees to carry out the 2020 fire emergency drill on June 23.
At 14:00 in the afternoon, as the fire alarm sounded, employees of various departments acted immediately, covering their mouth and nose with a towel, bending over and evacuating quickly to the designated area according to the emergency evacuation route. The entire emergency evacuation process was tense and orderly, and was quickly completed in just a few minutes. Subsequently, the company organized employees to participate in fire fighting (fire extinguisher use and open flame extinguishing) project exercises.
Through this fire emergency drill, the employees’ awareness of fire safety has been enhanced, their self-rescue and escape experience and their ability to respond to emergencies under emergency conditions have been improved, and the company’s safety production line of defense has been further strengthened.
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