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Mission of R&D Center

As a high & new-tech and innovative enterprise certificate, SF DIAMOND has been devoting herself to innovation for development. The mission of her R&D is to research and develop new and improved super hard materials and products to meet customers' and end users' higher needs for higher performances and efficiency, which is very necessary and helpful for them to exploit further markets.

Structure and Equipments of R&D Center

Covering a floor area of more than 6540m2,the R&D Center consists of Testing Study Laboratory, Material-Study Laboratory, and Application Research Laboratory. The testing Study Laboratory is mainly do testing work of products including PDC, PCD/PCBN cutting tools, etc. The task of Material-Study Laboratory is to research and develop the applications of composite super hard materials covering PDC cutter for drilling bit, PCD blanks for metal cutting tool and PCBN blanks, PCD wire die blanks etc. And the Application Research Laboratory is to research and develop diamond grinding wheels, mining tools and so on.
There are many advanced testing equipments in the R&D Center: scanning electronic microscope (SEM) from Japan, ultrasound scanning electronic microscope (C-SCAN) from America, single frame vertical lathe, hammer-dropping impact system, etc.
Scanning electronic microscope:
This device, with its SEI, is mainly used to observe the appearances of metal, semiconductor, nonmetal, organism, etc. and BSE as well. Equipped with EDS, it also can be used to analyze the structures of material components and elements. High vacuum resolution: 3.0mn; Low vacuum resolution: 4.0mn; multiple: 50,000-300,000 times.

Ultrasound scanning microscope (C-SCAN)

The main functions of this device are to find out any defectives of PCD products including delamination, cracks, cavities and holes on or in the PCD products. So, it is widely used in IQC, FA, QC, QA/REL, R&D, etc.

Vertical Turret Lathe (VTL)

For testing abrasion resistance of PDC. To use it for simulating whole drill process by installing PDC cutter on it through adjusting feed, liner speed. With this device drilling granite like a drill bit in the real rock drilling, to judge the abrasion resistance of PCD cutters by measuring abrasion area on PDC cutters.

Hammer-dropping impact system

Used for testing impact resistance of PDC cutters. To use it to impact PDC cutters by adjusting impact energy or force to find out the impact resistance of PDC cutters.

R&D Support

As the technological center of Henan province enterprises and the research center of composite super hard material project and technology in Henan, our company has been supporting the R&D center with strong manpower and materials resources. Nowadays, the staffs in the center covers 14% of the total in SF Diamond, and nearly 90% of them are senior engineers, doctors, and masters. And in the past three years, SF Diamond has invested huge fund on research and development, which is more than 5% of the total sales income. In the year of 2011, the fund for R&D was 7.8% of the total sales income of this year.