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SF Diamond Has Been Selected In The List of

November 17, 2020
Recently, Zhengzhou Science and Technology Bureau issued the "2019 Zhengzhou Major Scientific and Technological Innovation project". After strict selection and examination by municipal and district governments, SF Diamond Co., Ltd. successfully shortlisted its research and development and industrialization project of Φ 70mm super hard materials for precision processing.
As an important measure to strengthen the special management of municipal major scientific and technological innovation, Zhengzhou major scientific and technological innovation project has independent intellectual property rights, strong innovation, advanced technology level, that can quickly improve the core competitiveness of related industries, and has strong action for local economic and social development. As the leader of domestic composite superhard material industry, this successful shortlist is an affirmation of SF Diamond's innovation ability. Our company will continue to increase research investment, promote the in-depth development of scientific and technological innovation, promote the transformation and upgrading of superhard material industry, and contribute to the regional economic development.